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First photocopy - English DO AND MAKE

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First photocopy - English DO AND MAKE Empty First photocopy - English DO AND MAKE

Mensaje por MeganJones Dom Abr 05, 2015 2:24 pm

Hi students! This is the first photocopy that we are going to work with. Okey, so, this photocopy has exercises with the verbs do and make to differences these and more things.
Do is more to mental works and make to manual works. Look.

1. Work in pairs. You will read an article about housework. Before you read, match the verbs (1-8 ) with the nouns (a-h) to make phrases for common household chores.
1 do                                            a the bed
2 do                                            b the dinner ready
3 dust                                         c the floor
4 get                                           d the furniture
5 hang                                        e the ironing
6 lay                                            f the table
7 make                                       g the washing out to dry
8 sweep                                      h the washing-up

2. Complete the text by writing one word in each gap. Make sure that you spell the word correctly.


If you help your parents with the housework, do you just do it for pocket money, or do you see it _______ a way of helping your busy parents? According to a recent study of teenagers, many feel they have a duty to help their parents because it is fair, especially if their parents work.

More than two-thirds of the young people who were surveyed, clean floor ______ least one a week and more than 80% regularly set the table for meals or _______ the washing-up. Girls are more likely than boys to wash _________ own clothes.

_________ are, however, a few teens who only do the housework because they are made _______ by their parents. They argue that they should ________ be excepted to help out at home because in their view, their teenage years are a period which should be enjoyed ___________ than interrupted with household responsibilities. What do you think?

OKEY! And now... after practice... WE ARE GOING TO START WITH MAKE AND DO.

1. Complete the third column of the table below by writing these words and phrases in the correct row.
Make. To create or produce something.
Do. To perform an activity or job.
Commom collocation
an activity, an appointment, an arrangement, the bed, business, a change, a choice, the cleaning, a course, decision, an effort, an excuse, an (an) exercise, a favor, friends, homework, housework, an impression, a job, a mistake, money, a noise, a phone call, a plan, progress, a promise, the shopping, (a) sport, work.

2. Spanish-speaking exam candidates often confuse make and do. Complete these sentences by writing make or do in the correct form in the gaps.

A. According to a recent study of teenagers, most of them _____ not do housework just for pocket money.
B. I always _____ my own bed in the morning, but I don't _____ any cleaning.
C. Our teacher said she had to _______ a lot of phone calls to ______ all the arrangements for the school trip.
D. A few changes have been _____ to the computer game and the company say they'll try to avoid _______ similar mistakes in the future.
E. People who _____ language courses tend to _______ a lot of friends at the same time.
F. When my mum came back from ______ the shopping, she helped me to _______ my homework.

                                                               WE ARE GOING TO WORK IT AFTER EASTER, GOOD EASTER MY BABES! By Natasha


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